A robust partnership with suppliers

Establishing good relations with suppliers is essential to obtaining products and services that consistently meet expectations. This is why the partner selection process is totally transparent and based on the Company’s Code of Ethics, General Purchase Conditions and specific corporate procedures developed by individual countries.

As in any business sector or corporate process, supplier selection is deeply rooted in the search for quality, flexibility and maximum professionalism. While on one hand it is clear that raw material (food and nonfood) procurement and selection is key for the continuity of Autogrill’s business, on the other, the same holds true for the selection of partnerships: relations with the Group’s suppliers reflect directly on the quality of the products and services offered to customers. A self-explanatory example in this respect is the “European Supply Chain Excellence Award” won in 2011 by World Duty Free thanks to its partnership with Luxottica. This prize is intended to acknowledge and reward team building and the motivation of the team of people who had contributed to the success of the supply chain.

The Group’s strong focus on establishing long lasting relationships with its suppliers results in a high quality standard both in relation to suppliers of goods and services (maintenance, cleaning, safety, etc.) and on the ethical level. In this respect, the US “Procurement Policy & Procedures” policy was developed in order to guarantee equal opportunities and also allow small local businesses to be included in the Autogrill supplier list without discrimination ( based on size, gender, nationality, religion, race, etc.). In Italy too, the Group puts great emphasis on supplier selection. In Italy, the General Purchase Conditions stipulate that suppliers comply with Autogrill Code of Ethics and the indications set out in the Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. In addition, Autogrill requests its suppliers to underwrite the Form for the Assessment of Interference Risks, aimed at identifying and recommending the measures to adopt to eliminate risk factors deriving from possible interferences between concurrent activities performed in the same workplace.

In 2011 Autogrill Italia renewed the SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) certification — originally obtained in 2009 — marking a fundamental step for Autogrill in its commitment to the protection of human rights and workers’ rights, protection against child labor and the guarantee of health and safety in the workplace along the entire supply chain. This certification enabled the Company to increasingly involve and raise the awareness of its supply chain in relation to the protection of workers’ rights but also in relation to environmental issue, following the awarding of ISO 14001 certification.

In 2011, in the wake of this approach, an audit was also carried out on a supplier in the A class risk category (including suppliers with a high level of risk that produce Autogrill branded products or products prepared based on an Autogrill S.p.A. recipe) to verify supplier ethical-environmental behavior.