Product traceability


HMSHost relies on Avendra, a founding partner of Foodservice GS1 USA Standard Initiative, to manage supply relations. Avendra standard objective is to drive businesses to provide final customers with information that can be measured in terms of efficiency, information about products, safety and traceability.

Where HMSHost has stipulated agreements with local suppliers, a pre-qualification and annual re-qualification process is implemented to guarantee that the quality management and product recall processes are operating effectively. With long term brand partners, like Starbucks, Burger King, CPK and Johnny Rockets, HMSHost utilizes the same recall and traceability methods adopted by the brand in question.


At the Italian national level, product safety and traceability are key factors, reflected by the possibility of tracing back every batch of any kind of food through all the steps involved in production, processing and sale. A specifically designed electronic platform carries out supplier goods entry activities, pallet handling and the measurement of the time span for order delivery from the Anagni (Frosinone) warehouse to the stores.

The collaboration of suppliers is also extended to batch labeling. In fact, labeling enables the Group to identify any batch at any time with the consequent possibility of recalling product batches from the market in case of alert.