The synergies with the partners

Over the years, the Group has managed to establish partnership relations that enable it to extend its knowledge, anticipate customer trends and offer top quality products to customers. Autogrill has always paid great attention to establishing a fruitful collaboration with suppliers, brand partners and landlords in order to have a perfectly functioning, efficient and modern Concept Factory, which enables it to provide an increasingly ample commercial offer and reach its objectives. Thanks to this ongoing synergistic structure, the Group manages the current business diversification and implements its intention to understand and interpret modern consumption trends.

For Autogrill Group, effective concept management is directly linked to a proactive and responsible collaboration with its partners.

Concept management (layout, products and services) is key to remaining competitive and represents a challenge with an increasing level of complexity. On one hand, it is essential to find the best way to combine products and services with portfolio brands, ensuring the provision of an offer that is in line with customer expectations, while on the other, it is also essential for the Group to continue experimenting in order to adjust to the typical needs of mobility infrastructures, by continuously surprising customers.

Relations with partners are based on collaboration and dialogue in addition to the sharing of the objectives: diversification of the offer and high quality products.