Travel Retail response to "customer voice"

A place where I can find fashion and global trends

The recent introduction of luxury products and Tax and Duty–Free premium products represents an important step to support sales. Recent data confirms this trend. People making purchases in duty -free shops spend more money than in the past. Duty- free shops are not only a place where to find new shopping experiences, but also to trace a map of the most purchased products compared to the different geographical and cultural areas the world over. The Beauty and Cosmetics products, and especially fragrances, are the best-selling product category in the UK and in Spain, as well as in Latin America and the Middle East, followed by tobacco. The British and Americans are the primary customers for products in the Drink category.

Among other products, regional specialties (oil, cheese and ham, in small packages and often bought as gifts) are increasingly popular with duty-free customers. In the past two years, interest in typical regional products has grown substantially, especially in relation to Confectionary & fine foods.

In tourist airports, souvenirs also proved extremely successful. British and German travelers buy souvenirs frequently and in large quantities. In airports characterized by intense business traffic, exclusive and custom products claim the lion’s share, products which cannot be found anywhere else. The Madrid airport posts record numbers in this category. Conversely, in Kuwait and Sri Lanka, some products that are commonly available elsewhere, such as soft drinks or powdered milk, considered indispensable, are purchased in duty-free shops because of the savings.

I’d like a new look every time

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Manchester airport operator, the Biza flagship store underwent a complete restyling. A space extending over approximately 2,000 square meters was completely refurbished to make it more accessible and easy to navigate, thus improving customer experience. New custom services were introduced to respond to brand partners’ needs and favor interaction with customers through testing and tasting corners.


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