Management of refrigeration plants

In the offices of Autogrill Milanofiori, several refrigeration plants have been installed that use gases that are potentially hazardous for the ozone layer and global warming. In collaboration with specialized engineers and in full compliance with the currently applicable regulations, ongoing actions of plant maintenance/monitoring are being carried out. Gas recovery from the plants is performed in accordance with international standards and under safe conditions for human health and the environment. In all the stores located in Italy, all plants containing potentially toxic gases for the ozone layer or that may increase the greenhouse effect are registered and managed according to specific maintenance standards by Global Service, a company specialized in plant maintenance. Any maintenance activity is registered in specific logbooks, with an indication of the plant specifications and activities performed. Based on the results of the relevant feasibility studies, the replacement of the gases hazardous for the ozone layer and contained in the refrigerating plants (refrigerators and air ventilation) is periodically assessed in correspondence with store restyling.