Environmental certifications and regulations in the Food & Beverage sector

In the Food & Beverage segment, some Group companies improved the relevant management systems to obtain important environmental certifications:

  • in 2011 three new stores were opened in France in the “EHQ” (“Environmental High Quality”) category, based on the environmental valuation system of the buildings;
  • for the Milanese headquarters the EMAS certification (regulation for the voluntary adoption of an eco-management and audit scheme) is valid also for 2011 and the ISO14001:2004 certification (regarding the environmental management systems) was renewed. In Italy, in 2010 and 2011, the ISO 14001 certification was renewed for the Turin airport and for the Brianza Sud store, which is also EMAS certified;
  • the Telefonica location in Madrid obtained the renewal of its ISO 14001 certification in 2011;
  • in the United States the LEED Silver certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was obtained in 2009 by the Delaware tourist center “Delaware Welcome Center”, inaugurated in the summer of 2010.