Environmental certifications and regulations in the Travel Retail sector

In the Travel Retail segment the following best practices are worthy of note:

  • in the management of its businesses in the Spanish airports, Aldeasa has implemented the “Environmental Policy of Spanish Airports”, defined by AENA (Aer opuertos Españoles y Navegacion Aerea), whose objective (part of the Green Dot scheme) is to reduce the impact of the packaging used in airports, by defining targeted actions on volumes and by designing alternatives that allow for recycling and re-use;
  • from the product certification perspective, Aldeasa uses highly energy efficient office equipment, certified by Energy Star, to manage a system that controls air ventilation and lights switching off in its locations;
  • fifteen World Duty Free stores are ISO14001 certified (in relation to environmental management), of which eleven airports, three distribution centers and the headquarters. The 2012 objective is to obtain the ISO 14001 certification for all the sale points.