Group logistics

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Attention to eco-sustainability also involves distribution. Autogrill Group plays an active role in managing transport logistics, with the key objective of limiting its carbon footprint correlated to supply services through the implementation of some specific initiatives: the supply of products to the stores is managed by optimizing the number of weekly deliveries and the routes driven to deliver the goods, privileging delivery to locations not too far from one another. At the European level, logistics delivery and distribution services to the stores are mainly accomplished through road transport. These services are outsourced to specialized companies whose number varies according to production peaks. The same companies are responsible for the maintenance of the car park.

Autogrill Group defined its own Car Policy with the objective of maintaining a car park managed according to sustainable principles and, as a result, reducing atmospheric emissions, yet with the same car comfort, safety and performance levels. This also means gradually replacing aging vehicles with new ones. In addition, a concrete step was the setting of a cap for CO2 emissions at 160g/km per car (257g/mile). Moreover, in order to ensure high safety standards, all vehicles must be equipped with the main safety tools: electronic stability control (ESC), fog lamps, driver, passenger and lateral airbags and speakerphone kit. The collaboration between Autogrill Italia and the monthly magazine Quattror uote was established to support this orientation: the “10x10” campaign gathered Italy’s largest companies together to join in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions generated by corporate car parks. To accelerate this process, Autogrill decided to include four hybrid cars in its car park, which employees operating from the Milan offices use for business purposes.

Another important initiative is worthy of mention. In recent years, the carrier used by Autogrill Italia has shown special attention to environmental issues. In fact, in addition to periodically renewing its car park pursuant to the Euro 5 regulation, in order to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, it has also set up a distribution station for a special urea-based additive that further reduces polluting emissions at its warehouse in Pieve Emanuele (Milan).