LED: a big small revolution

Energy efficiency can be achieved through the correct management of equipment and ventilation of the spaces, but proper lighting is also important. The illumination in the stores, both new ones and those subject to restyling, is provided by LEDs and the materials used are natural or eco-compatible, like glass, stone and stainless steel, easily disposable and up to 80% recyclable.

A light design project was completed in the warehouse of Pieve Emanuele (Milan), which extends over a surface of approximately 20,000 square meters, with the objective of saving energy, assessing environmental impact and improving the quality of the illumination and safety in the workplace. More than 1,200 traditional bulbs were replaced by LEDs (approximately 800) with the same light output. This project included a first stage for the photometric assessment of the illumination provided by the traditional devices and a second stage for the measurement of the real energy consumption, using a meter. A third step was added for the valuation of the technical feasibility, financial sustainability and impact.

The traditional illumination was then replaced with LEDs and a final photometric assessment was performed on the new plant. The result was remarkable: a daily savings of 53.71% of the kW/h necessary to illuminate (equal to 214.81 kW/h) the areas considered and reduced CO2 emissions from energy consumption and, thus, from the production of fossil sources.

The new plant improved the quality of the illumination of the spaces, thanks to a better light potential provided by LEDs, but it also bettered employee safety in the workplace (better illumination and quality of the light; immediate switching on of the LEDs compared to the traditional fluorescent bulbs which had a longer switching on and warm up time); better food preservation, because LED light does not release IR and UV components and, consequently, food maintains its nutritional values due to less variation in temperature and, lastly, less eye strain for the employees as a result of the elimination of the stroboscopic effect produced by fluorescent bulbs.


CO2 emissions saved – Warehouse of Pieve Emanuele
CO2 emissions - existing plant (kg/year) 325,303.34 
CO2 emissions - LED plant (kg/year) 138,229.71 
CO2 emission saved yearly (kg/year) 187,073.64 
Emissions saved (%) (58%)