Towards ongoing training

Employee training represents the key leverage for personnel development and the development of Autogrill Group. It is a twofold investment, benefiting both the employee and the company. For this reason a structured training process was developed to meet the upgrading needs of all the hierarchical levels and for all the areas of development, both managerial and technical.

In 2011 approximately € 7m were invested in training activities. A considerable amount to integrate and support newly hired employees, but also and above all to develop and upgrade the specialized skills required and to keep pace with the ever changing market and business scenario.

The management of each country in which the Group operates decides independently on matters pertaining to the development of its local training programs, but the underlying criteria applied are shared by the entire Group. The starting point is an analysis of the processes of evaluation of competences, followed by the suggestions made by employees themselves. In this way, the specific areas of intervention are identified, based on which Human Resources designs and organizes targeted activities and courses.

In addition, there are also special initiatives: already in 2010 specific training courses at the international level were organized with the objective of getting people from different offices and countries to know each other and exchange experiences and opinions in the service of professional growth and cross fertilization.

1 .89 training days per capita in Food & Beverage in Europe1 .25 training days per capita in Travel Retail13% of the training cost for Food & Beverage Europe was covered by subsidies received from national and international bodies

What’s going on in Food & Beverage?

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As for Food & Beverage, in Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Slovenia and North America, training is regularly provided directly in the points of sale or through dedicated training centers.

The courses are designed for internal staff, including store directors and managers, and are intended to optimize their experience in the field. The provision of training activities in the stores follows the concept of “cascade training”. This means that store director and/or manager themselves pass on the training they have received directly to their employees. This method has been made even more effective as a result of the experience accrued on the job over the years.

Commitment towards leadership is unfailing. In Italy, training to Heads of Service, Assistant Managers and store directors is provided in 10 dedicated spaces in the Network, true excellence training centers.

At the Italian headquarters, 2011 saw the reprise of an on-line training course designed to raise employee awareness concerning the contents of the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model contained in Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

What’s going on in Travel Retail?

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As for Travel Retail, in United Kingdom there are ten training hubs (Heathrow T3 and T5, Gatwick, Stanstead, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, London offices), where training sessions dedicated to sales personnel, provided by external consultants or internal staff, focus on the development of knowledge about fragrances in order to improve the service provided to customers and, also, to be in a position to suggest the best fragrance mix according to the destination. Worth mentioning in this respect is the training program launched in 2009 and completed in 2011, whose objective was to further improve service provision criteria. The name of the program was “Living the brand” and it was structured to optimize service in three areas: in the stores, inside the organization and with the business partners and airport companies.

Periodic evaluations are carried out at Aldeasa to monitor sales skills and propensity as well as employees’ attention to customers. The output of such sessions provides the foundation upon which to develop training programs for the purpose of improving sales skills and cross selling, while team leadership programs are specifically devoted to store managers.


Financing for training
Wherever possible, the Group tries to optimize financing made available by national and international entities. In Italy, it annually participates in the tenders promoted by the “Fondo Paritetico Interprofessionale Nazionale per la Formazione Continua nel Terziario (Fondo For.Te.)”, recognized by the Italian Ministry
of Labor, for the financing of specific company training programs. In 2011, the Fondo For.Te. covered approximately 15% of the overall investment borne by the Company for training programs launched during the year and it constantly monitored the financial resources used, the activities performed and the personnel
involved. In addition, costs for training for Greek personnel are entirely covered by OAED (Greek Manpower Employment Organization) and by the Spanish organization in the Retail area (approx. 12%).