Listening to learn, learning to improve

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Modern organizations are no longer characterized by one-way communications, but rather by continuous, dynamic and interconnected exchanges. The definition of clear objectives also when we listen to the needs of our employees is a way to innovate and involve.

Communications at Autogrill are developed on different tools, including Aconnect, the Group intranet, management roadshows on the sales network up to the traditional newsletters and noticeboards. However, for the purpose of understanding what development areas to focus analyses on and start new projects, the Group turns directly to its employees, using surveys and employee satisfaction analyses.

Listening provides an opportunity to promote and validate the best practices in the management of human resources, to improve cohesion and professional satisfaction among employees in order to optimize the Company’s results.

What’s going on in Food & Beverage?

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The focus on the people at Autogrill is the driver for a series of initiatives aimed at increasingly involving employees. In Spain, in fact, a survey was recently performed to assess ten areas of interest, among which there was the company and organizational culture, communication, involvement, training, style of leadership and management, team work, motivation and for the first time also a topic regarding the psycho-social criticalities in the workplace. The survey, conducted using a web- based platform, involved all employees of the headquarters and the sales network (approx. 1,000 people). The results showed a generally high level of loyalty to the organization and highlighted a few areas of improvement, like communication and team management.

What’s going on in Travel Retail?

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In 2011 WDF and Aldeasa, the two companies responsible for Travel Retail, merged into one single brand — World Duty Free Group, and they participated together in the employee satisfaction survey.

The use of the Talk Back system — the results of which are processed by an external company and disclosed to all employees — allowed the company to measure employee propensity to talk positively about the organization (SAY), continue working for the organization (STAY) and the commitment involved (STRIVE), but also the dedication to one’s job that the company conveys to its employees, the respect perceived by the people, the community within the organization and the importance of collaboration among colleagues.

For the third consecutive year the survey posted more than positive results (83% Employee Engagement Index) and above the average of the results registered by other organizations operating in the retail segment (+8% against the benchmark index), marking an important achievement for the entire Autogrill Group. After completion of the survey, which is expected to be also repeated in the upcoming years, a detailed communication plan designed to inform all the people about the results obtained. In addition, during 2012 Engagement Champions will be appointed within the individual units, with the task of keeping interest in the people alive and defining concrete actions to further improve the relations with and within the Group.

Results from the climate analysis at World Duty Free Group
2009  2010  2011 
Employee Engagement Index
79%  85%  83% 
% of responses obtained from the employees involved
90%  82%  90%