Leveraging on diversity

Leveraging on diversity is an asset that needs to be protected and strengthened within the organization in order for it to be also extended outside. Autogrill adheres to the highest international standards (International Labor Organization), implementing the principles established in its Code of Ethics in all circumstances, and the Group is committed to reducing to a minimum any obstacles to equal opportunity and the proactive promotion of numerous activities to encourage and enhance diversity. In all the geographical areas in which it operates, it shuns the use of child or forced labor, pursuant to the main international legislation, such as the UN Convention on Children’s Rights (UNCRC) and the Human Rights Act of 1998.

Autogrill has promoted concrete actions in relation to the differently able, from the elimination of physical barriers, store design that complies with current applicable regulations in the matter of providing access to the differently able and making their stay more comfortable, and particular attention to differently able employees.

Regulations in the matter of disability and labor differ from country to country: for instance, Law no. 2643/1998 in Greece requires that 8% of the workforce employed by companies come from the so-called “special” categories; in France the percentage is 6%; in Spain it is limited to 2%.

What’s going on in Food & Beverage?

In accordance with trade unions and in compliance with the legislation in force, Autogrill employs differently able individuals where possible, or stipulates collaboration contracts with outside companies, employing them for service activities in line with its needs.

In Italy, 464 differently able people and individuals belonging to the so-called “protected” categories are currently employed by the organization. In addition, approximately forty agreements with Non-Profit Associations that employ differently able people have been stipulated. A memo has been circulated to all employees, specifying the “special needs” that differently able customers might have, in order to enhance the Group’s engagement in consistently promoting a culture focused on attention to social and ethical issues.

HMSHost, too, has drawn up guidelines for the hiring, training, integration and management of individuals with various forms of disability, according to the regulations issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and consistently with the requirements set out in the American Disabilities Act of 1990.

What’s going on in Travel Retail?

Aldeasa has increased its engagement with the differently able through an agreement signed with the non-profit organization Afanias Jardes. 70% of the Association’s workers are differently able, and they provide cleaning services at the airport of Madrid Barajas as well as at the Company’s offices. In The United Kingdom (WDF), a policy has been defined governing equal opportunity and personal dignity in line with the Equality Act of 2010. Also the law states that differently able workers must enjoy the same rights as other workers. The law does not establish any minimum number of differently able people to be hired, but businesses are committed to making reasonable adjustments for the differently able in order to provide them with equal work opportunities.