Health and Safety: two opportunities for growth

Autogrill Group’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all of its employees and customers is based on prevention, technology, training and daily monitoring. For this reason the Group has established specific Committees in all the countries in which it operates, composed of representatives of employees, management and trade unions, to periodically monitor compliance with the relevant applicable laws.

The Committees carry out training activities, analyze any issue identified and develop the most suitable solutions to eliminate or, when it is not possible, mitigate risks regarding the occurrence of accidents through the use of protective devices. A key and recurring theme on the Committees’ agenda is the provision of ongoing training in the matter of health and safety in the workplace vis-à-vis employees and, above all, newly hired people. In fact, when new colleagues start working in the stores located in all the countries in which the Group operates, including Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, the United States, etc., they undergo specific training to raise employee awareness and increase their empowerment in relation to this topic.

In order to ensure that the activities currently in place continue to be effective, with specific reference to the control and analysis of the number and type of on the job accidents, a better designed monitoring system will be launched and used by the key countries in which the Group operates. In this way, it will be possible to share competences and initiatives. This is one of the concrete actions put in place to achieve the objectives of the Group Roadmap.

The Group continues to be focused on ongoing improvement through the integration of new technology and individual protective devices, necessary to guarantee the highest standards of safety for employees, as well as through the ongoing updating of the policies, procedures and training about safety in the workplace.

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Attention to employees with regard to health and safety in the workplace is also reflected upon suppliers and final customers, as clearly expressed in the policies adopted by each single country in which the Group operates.

In Italy, the management systems envisaged by the Policy and integrated in the Company’s Integrated Management System are governed by Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and through standard SA8000:2008, which guarantee healthy, safe and ethical working conditions. Also in Italy, the Health & Safety Committee meets twice a year to periodically monitor accident trends, health surveillance and vocational illnesses, evaluate the correlated risks and analyze the relevant causes and severity levels.

The same issues are dealt with in meetings with the Supervisory Body and are periodically submitted to the attention of the Board of Directors in relation to the implementation of the Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001– Special section dedicated to Safety in the Workplace. Starting from these analyses and monitoring activities, corrective actions are developed to mitigate the risks identified, with measures that may range from the revision of production processes to the adoption of new accident prevention tools and specific training programs.

In 2010, in an effort to further reduce injuries caused by cuts and provide all operators with the instructions they must follow for their safety, the informational campaign “Work safely for your own protection” was implemented, while another informational campaign, entitled “Let’s cut out the cuts” was designed in 2011 and will be launched in early 2012. In addition to the first aid training extended to all sales personnel (in compliance with the applicable Italian regulations), in 2011 free and voluntary courses were offered, in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, for workers at the central offices, which were attended by 16% of the staff.

In Italy, the number of clinical visits conducted by a team of more than 20 physicians amounted to 4,647 (+6% against 2010) in 2011. Looking at the figures regarding the European region — Belgium, Spain and also Italy — clinical visits amounted to 7,000.

In Italy specific eye examinations have been provided to operators working at terminals, and in various countries Autogrill contributes to employee expenses for prescription glasses and lenses.

Another important example is that of the US: the Policy on Health, Safety and Risk Management provides all employees with all the necessary principles to comply with in order to prevent accidents from occurring during the performance of their tasks. Safety Teams are specifically established at the store level, comprising members of management and the operating staff. Their task is to map, through specifically designed audits, the most frequent causes leading to the occurrence of accidents and subsequently suggest the adoption of equipment, individual protection items and also update the existing procedures. Frequently, Autogrill Group safety policies rely on significant collaborations: Autogrill France collaborates with Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAM–TS) in relation to two projects. The first project deals with the integration of risk prevention principles in the workplace since the early stage of construction of the buildings, in case of new construction, refurbishment or expansion of the already existing buildings. The second project refers to the listening approach to prevention and includes the participation of each individual employee, being at the core of the professional risk valuation in the workplace and the involvement of Operations and support services for the implementation of concrete preventive actions.

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In addition to prevention of accidents at work, Autogrill Group is also committed to protecting the health of its employees through the organization of initiatives differentiated by geographical regions and business areas.

In Retail, World Duty Free certified 15 locations (of which 11 in airports, 3 distribution centers and the headquarters) in compliance with OHSAS18001:2007, which officially represents the first “standard” recognized at the global level, rewarding the Company’s commitment to providing its employees with the highest standards in terms of health and safety at work and its ongoing efforts to improve. The 2012 objective is to certify all the locations present in the airports.