Growth and training starting from recruiting

The design and development of personnel recruitment systems represents an important investment by the Group: any well-organized recruitment process is expected to guarantee transparency and equity, equal opportunity and skill improvement. Autogrill Group has always been committed to all these principles and has adopted differentiated selection criteria in accordance with local regulations and the most frequently used market practices, with the constant objective of identifying the professional positions that best fit people’s profiles.

Yet the growth of an organization also depends on the growth of its people, so it becomes strategic to implement a selection process that can guarantee the employment of people who, in addition to having the required competences and skills, may have the potential to cover other positions in the future, growing within and together with the Group.

This is also why the selection process is often complex and broken down into different steps. In Italy, aptitude tests (administered by qualified people), English tests and targeted interviews are used to identify the candidate’s adherence to the Autogrill competence model, while group assessment centers with qualified auditors are organized for internships. In addition, the selection process, especially for vacant jobs in the sales network, also favors the hiring of personnel from areas adjacent to the location where the activities are carried out, thus fostering integration in the territory.

The improvement of the human capital is achieved also through job rotation and job posting processes within the Group companies, at the international level between different countries, but also for vacant office- based and network positions. To Autogrill, internal mobility represents an important tool for disseminating best practices at the Group level and developing the professionalism of the best talents, increasing the knowledge and skills of employees by exposing them to new contexts and increasing the sense of belonging to the Group.

What’s going on in Food & Beverage?

Traditionally, the Sales Network represents the key expansion area for the Autogrill Group, always looking for new personnel according to the business seasonality. Recruitment occurs through the “Work with us” section posted on the local websites and other career growth tracks made available inside and outside the organization.

An important factor in the US is the partnership between HMSHost and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), one of the world’s most prominent culinary institutes. The collaboration led to the design of a training project providing young chefs with the opportunity to participate in an 18-week work-study program in the Group’s restaurants while still enrolled at school. The objective of the program was to establish a relation with the Culinary Institute of America and create a channel for the future selection and recruitment of people with segment-specific skills.

In 2011, HMS Host and CIA also organized a culinary competition. The students were asked to invent new recipes for two categories: starters and aperitifs. The most creative recipes were awarded a prize and featured in the menus of over a hundred restaurants.

In addition to the collaboration between HMSHost and CIA, other important collaborations included those between HMSHost and the National Association of College Employers, Autogrill Italia and Obiettivo Lavoro, Autogrill Netherlands and Maastricht Hotel Management School and, last but not least, that between Autogrill Belgium and Erasmushogeschool of Brussels. In fact, especially at the Headquarters level, universities have become a precious ally for the Group, which is always looking for new employees: different collaboration agreements were stipulated, leading to events, career days and company days at the most prominent universities.

In addition to developing relations with universities and vocational schools, Autogrill is strongly committed to the development of new selection models based on both Job Posting and Job Rotation.

What’s going on in Travel Retail?

As mentioned above, in Travel Retail as well, the recruitment process (especially with respect to the positions open in sales) gives precedence to applicants who reside relatively near the store or offices in question. Indeed, figures show that about 75% of the senior operations managers in Aldeasa’s international locations are hired at the local level. In-house Job Posting plays also a fundamental role in WDF Group in filling vacant positions both in the offices and in the stores. This process directly involves employees, making them proactive players in the process of selection and evaluation of candidates. Job Posting works through intranet or the traditional announcements on the noticeboard, representing the key engagement tool and recruitment system to stimulate in-house career development. When a position becomes vacant, the Group first verifies the possibility of finding a suitable candidate from within its existing personnel. At the end of the two weeks of job posting, the search is extended outside the organization, identifying the most suitable recruiting channel according to the required profile.


From 2010 to 2011 Autogrill Italia increased the number of internships converted into permanent labor contracts from 24% to 38%