Focus Story: Worklife balance for Employees

When we talk about employees’ quality of life we make reference not only to health and safety at work, but also about a more general condition of well-being for everybody, including awareness campaigns for the promotion of healthier lifestyles and initiatives to reduce stress and ensure employees’ psychophysical well-being as well as concrete health prevention policies.

Autogrill Group Human Resources identified four action areas: Health and Wellness, Work life Balance, Savings and Attention to specific employees’ needs.

Specific initiatives have been designed for each single area currently involving employees in Italy and including services to help employees in the fulfillment of some home-related and bureaucratic tasks; online temporary shops and special agreements guaranteeing discounts, maternity kits and welcome kits for foreigners.

Action areas
Action Areas: Health and Wellness, Work life Balance, Savings and Attention to specific employees’ needs

Within the context of these initiatives, worth mentioning is the “Good for me” project, launched in 2011 to promote correct lifestyles through the organization of meetings with experts, on-line columns on the Company’s intranet and personalized programs.

The program’s objective is to stimulate the promotion of critical awareness and a health-conscious culture, which emphasizes the importance of a correct diet combined with physical exercise. “Good for me” led to the development of balanced menus, custom-designed to meet different needs (anti-oxidants, for the athletic-minded, new moms, vegetarians, etc.) in line with the indications of the Italian food pyramid. The offering of the Ciao restaurant at the Milan headquarters includes menus that, without neglecting the taste and the pleasure of a meal, have been studied in minute detail taking into account the combination of different recipes and different solutions to also manage food intolerances in full compliance with the Italian LARN standards (“Livelli di Assunzione giornalier i Raccomandati di Nutrienti per la popolazione italiana”, “Recommended Daily Levels of Nutrient Intake for the Italian population”). In addition, periodic meetings are organized by Autogrill Group focusing on nutritional issues as a confirmation of the Group’s commitment. These meetings are open to everybody and office employees are also given the opportunity to consult a diet expert at a special price at any time, directly in the office.

15% incidence of menus suggested by the diet expert–50% consumption of high calorie meals

The Wellness program includes initiatives that promote physical exercise, including a corporate bike sharing service (with indication of the bike paths closest to the offices in Milan), special agreements with fitness centers and the addition of changing rooms equipped with showers for those who choose to work out at the office during the lunch break or before the beginning of the working day and free medical certificates of healthy and strong constitution.