The first strategic area for sustainability

The relationship between Autogrill Group and its employees is a strategic element and a fundamental variable for creating value. Any employee faced with a customer represents the Company itself, the Company’s business philosophy, its know-how and its attitude towards the environment.

A healthy relationship between the Company and its employees considers the individual and his/her wellbeing both inside and outside the organization. This means, for the Autogrill Group, working on different topics and initiatives that involve its people both in their role as employees (recruitment processes, development plans, training) and in their private lives (wellbeing and health, family, social commitment and compliance with the environment).

The first strategic area of the Sustainability Roadmap refers to A-People and accurately reflects Autogrill Group’s commitment over the years, dedicated to the development of a strategic approach targeted to the management and improvement of its people. This approach is differentiated according to the business area or geographical region in which any employee is working, where the respect of the local situations and an understanding of the differences are precisely indicated in the map, representing an integral part of Autogrill’s identity.

Consistently with the Roadmap, the contents of the A-People area are analyzed in the framework of precise topics that, in turn, are correlated to two sub-areas identified as relevant for the 2012-2015 three-year period: Welfare&Wellness and Health&Safety. The topics regarding respect, improvement, safety and communications — with reference to the management of employees in relation to the relationship with customers — are perceived as drivers of a distinctive competitive edge.

The objectives of the Roadmap will be translated by the Business Units into targeted actions according to the business of reference and adapted to the relevant cultural context, labor market and local regulations.

The Group has always put people at the center of its business; the Group is an organization made of people that creates products and services for other people, nourishing a circular and virtuous valuecreating circle involving the organization itself and its employees, partners and customers. Knowing the key stakeholders, including landlords and the customers, is of the essence to take on the challenges of the two business segments with a multiple and customized offering based on customer needs and requirements.

The three key players of the A-People area — employees, customers and communities — go hand in glove: improving employee relation and satisfaction; offering travelers a better service; sharing the objectives with the partners and landlords; carrying out periodic analyses to fully comprehend the authorities, landlords, customers and the characteristics of the markets means being innovative, extending and reinventing one’s own concepts. This is the multi-faceted scenario in which the Group operates.



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