Evaluating competences and performance

While career development of its personnel is one of the key drivers for the continued growth of the organization, the evaluation of competences and performance and dialogue between managers and employees are also particularly important within Autogrill Group. This is why there are structured and transparent processes designed to evaluate people’s competences and performance at the core of the personnel management system adopted, a model of competences of reference which is further broken down according to local needs.

An important example illustrating the Autogrill approach is the development center that was established in 2010 to promote individual growth within the Group. This initiative oversees the transfer to broader managerial responsibilities, fosters individual development and identifies the points of strength and the areas of potential improvement. The ultimate objective of the development center is to offer concrete support in the process of understanding and improving one’s role.

What’s going on in Food & Beverage?

In Italy, the evaluation process for competences and performance was divided and optimized as a function of two different objectives. The first objective, specifically relating to the evaluation of competences, targets individual training and development, while the second objective focuses on performance, as a specifically designed tool driving the individual’s professional performance. In 2011 a web- based platform was implemented both for the headquarters and the network, with the objective of increasing the efficiency of the evaluation process by turning the annual interview into an opportunity for proactive confrontation and transparency, while focusing attention on employee professional development and management.

Also in the US, HMSHost currently manages the process for the evaluation of competences and performance through a web- based tool that can also be accessed by the people in Operations. This facilitates and simplifies the performance evaluation process by ensuring a high level of transparency.

What’s going on in Travel Retail?

“DevelopMe” is the name of the evaluation tool used for the personnel in the stores. This process is activated twice in a year, in June and December, and gives an opportunity to review — together with one’s own supervisor — the activities carried out and the performance achieved during the period, compared to objectives defined at the beginning of the year. For all the other employees there is an online tool — “PrepareMe” — through which the feedback of the performance registered over the year is recorded, which measures how people experience the Group’s values on an everyday basis.


Compensation and Benefits
The Group’s compensation policy is based on incentive systems that are designed to recognize employees’ commitment and merits, while promoting a sense of belonging and attracting talents from the outside. One of the pillars of the system is the “weighing” of positions: a Group crosssectional evaluation (an evaluation on a common scale of the impact of any role on the organization), which is constantly aligned to labor market benchmarks in correlation with the positions covered. Also, with regard to benefits the Group is committed to guaranteeing transparency and clarity to its employees. The
mechanism for the acknowledgement of benefits does not particularly differ from standard labor contract formulas (fixed term contracts vs. permanent labor contracts and part-time vs. full time), but varies according to the different geographical areas as a function of the relevant applicable laws that comprise or exclude specific situations and/or welfare and insurance coverage (health care, accident coverage, maternity or paternity leave, disability) and to local labor market practices. Corporate supplementary pension funds and insurance certainly constitute a self-explanatory
example. In some countries the law promotes their use, providing tax benefits in return. A clear example is that of HMSHost, which published its salary scheme on the Company’s intranet, thus enabling people to understand the logic behind the construction of their packages. For the purpose of underscoring the relevance attributed to transparency, in the United States Autogrill Group launched a communication campaign in the Spanish language to enable first language Spanish employees to perfectly understand their situation and the advantages offered.