Letter to the Stakeholders

senza-titolo-7.jpgDespite the difficult economic scenario, Group performance in the past year was positive.

The complexity of the period served as a stimulus to enhance the Group approach towards sustainability, which is no longer considered as a “nice to have”, but as a driver that can further foster innovation and competitiveness.

This is also confirmed by the various initiatives developed in the past year and, in particular, those involving the employees — 62% women — who could benefit from a corporate welfare service portfolio, which the Group intends to extend to a progressively increasing number of its people. Customers, landlords and all the brand partners are at the center of the Group strategic and managerial activities and this is the reason why we have set up a market research plan with the objective of offering innovative services and an extensive product range to travelers, in line with the expectations and requirements of a strongly differentiated and complex demand.


We also continue to pay great attention to environmental protection, first of all through increasing the number of environmentally certified locations. For instance, in France we have inaugurated three new stores that obtained the Environmental High Quality certification, while in Italy the Milan headquarters and the Brianza Sud store renewed their ISO14001 certification. In 2011 we have also redesigned our Afuture Roadmap, identifying three strategic areas for sustainability — People, Product and Planet — and we have set improvement objectives for each area.

The objectives of the strategic plan of the Roadmap that Autogrill is committed to pursuing in the 2012-2015 three-year span refer to employee health and safety, design and construction certification of the new stores in accordance with the LEED international principles, reduced consumption of power and water, re-design of the packaging and materials used and relevant cost reduction.

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