The journey continues

The journey continues with different social, environmental and economic sustainability experiences reflected in this Sustainability Report. A route through different consumption and business models as well as through new concepts regarding trave ling, work and leisure time for millions of people around the world.

The Sustainability Report meets the requirements of a technical summary document, the reason why it was implemented, but it also meets the need for the identification of a locus in which the different initiatives are grouped around a shared concept: sustainability intended as an economic process, a way of doing business and a cultural path.

Clarity and globality: the coordinates of the journey

The new Sustainability Report is intended to present the most significant initiatives in 2011 through the experience of a journey. This is the journey made by customers, employees and communities in association with the path followed by the Group.

The metaphor of the journey does not only directly reflect Autogrill’s mission, it strongly underlines the continuous evolution of and steady change in the scenarios in which the two business segment s operate.

The orientation pursued aims at presenting results in an effective, complete and clear manner, without ever neglecting the drafting principles of materiality, completeness, and stakeholder involvement.


Drafting principles for the definition of the Sustainability Report content

The information contained in this Sustainability Report must refer to issues and indicators that reflect the Group’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts or that may significantly influence stakeholders’ evaluations and decisions.

The Sustainability Report must include all economic, social and environmental aspects relative to the main geographical areas in which the Group operates, to allow stakeholders to evaluate its performance in any period of reference.
Stakeholders’ involvement

The Sustainability Report must indicate the Group’s stakeholders and provide explanations as to how it met stakeholders’ expectations and furthered their interests.
Sustainability context

The Sustainability Report must illustrate the Group’s performance in relation to issues concerning sustainability.