We want to take care of our employees to create value for customers and the local community;

We want to think in an innovative way and offer quality products and services to customers, so that they will enjoy and remember their experience in our points of sale


We want to protect the environment by involving our brands, partners, suppliers and the local community

For the purpose of maintaining and implementing its role as a global provider, Autogrill Group understands the need to integrate management of the operating activities of the two business segment s (Food & Beverage and Travel Retail) with a sustainable approach that was translated in recent years into the Afuture project. For the 2012-2015 three-year time span a new challenge is launched: the Sustainaibility Roadmap, a chart that defines objectives in terms of improvement and innovation for the Group companies, identifying, designing and implementing sustainable actions. In 2012 the Afuture topics — People, Product, Planet — will represent the growth vectors for the sector leadership along with the guidelines identified in the Roadmap, in perfect synchrony and integration with Autogrill Group’s strategic line.



in Food & Beverage

in Travel Retail

are women
31% of the personnel F&B in North America and Australasia is aged 21-30

31% of the personnel F&B in Europe is aged 31-40

1.89 days of training/F&B employee in Europe
1.25 days of training/Travel Retail employee

Approx. 50 nationalities in the Travel Retail segment

2.2 m to support local associations and communities

Autogrill around the world



The Group operates in one or both business segment s in 35 countries all over the world



Food & Beverage, Travel Retail & Duty-Free




Consolidated revenues
+4% vs 2010

 4,023.8 m
Food & Beverage
+1.5% vs 2010

Travel Retail
+10.0% vs 2010

€ 209.4m

Net capex
(€ 219.2m in 2010)
€ 617.0m

Consolidated EBITDA
+3.8% vs 2010

steady vs 2010

€ 303m

+21.8% vs 2010
€ 126.3m

Net income
+26.7% vs 2010

€ 145.1m
Operating cash flow


Net debt as at
31 December 2011
(€ 1,575.5m as at 31 December 2010)