Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance and the Ownership Structure report, drafted in accordance with art. 123-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act and art. 89-bis of Consob Issuer Regulation, is posted on the Group’s website (

The organization reflects the multinational and multi-sector character of the Group

The Group is made up of business units that manage the operating levels according to objectives and guidelines defined by the corporate functions of Autogrill S.p.A. parent company. The Business Leaders report directly to the Group CEO. The Business Leaders are responsible for the different areas of activity for the two business segment s, while the Staff Leaders are responsible for the corporate functions, thus
playing a strategic orientation role, including the definition of the Group’s standards and policies, the promotion of the implementation and exchange of best practices and the co-ordination of the Group’s design initiatives.

Organization chart
Organization chart

Simplified organization structure 1
Simplified organization structure

1 If not otherwise specified, majority investments should be considered as fully owned (100%), the complete list of the investments is provided in the relevant Attachments contained in the 2011 Annual Report
2 Company names are updated at February 2012