Two businesses, one target

Businesses striving for a competitive edge must dare to launch radically innovative products that can revolutionize the traditional significance that people attribute to the items that make up an offering, be it linked to Food & Beverage or Travel Retail.

The offering should be ample, global and local, capable of interpreting the ever-changing needs of modern customers. The decisive factor is the ability to renovate: it is necessary to start a structured process of research that involves the entire network of relations that any organization puts in place to give rise to truly revolutionary ideas that will anticipate changes and improve the Group’s image and reputation. In order to reach this objective, it is of the essence to analyze market needs and scrupulously observe the behavior of the People whom Autogrill is in an excellent position to monitor. An organization of people offering services to other people. The same places in which the Group operates have increasingly become the expression of the stories of travelers of different cultures and origins.

Thanks to this characteristic of connection and steady contact with millions of travelers, Autogrill has the possibility of getting to know the relevant different cultures, languages and expectations. As a result, listening to and comprehending these experiences allows the Group to put in place open and collaboration- based innovation mechanisms, thus increasing the organization’s ability to come into contact with new ideas and to valuate and implement new targets.

The interaction between the Group and its stakeholders allows to leverage on the innovation potential of the two business segment s (Food & Beverage and Travel Retail). For both areas, sustainability-oriented objectives are based on the protection of the environment and people, which concretely translate into an ongoing updating of the range of products and services, new design methods, production, provision and distribution, as well as the introduction of changes in the management and organization of work.