A timeline as an accelerator for innovation

Thanks to the definition of precise sustainability targets, the Roadmap certainly becomes a moment of innovation in the path undertaken by Autogrill, the result of a completed experience and, also, the beginning of a new path. It represents an experience that developed over time, leading to the integration of different experiences within the Group’s operating management. However, today it also represents a new link in a more complex and articulated framework. Its task is to enrich the idea of sustainability underlying Afuture with new meaning, by favoring the development of a greater and comprehensive awareness among Autogrill’s people in relation to the impact, both positive and negative, on the environment and the society resulting from the operations carried out in the two business segment s. The Roadmap must respond to the need of spreading, involving and disseminating the philosophy through the use of specifically designed tools and the ambition of achieving challenging targets.

The implementation of the Roadmap includes an extended monitoring plan of the performance indicators regarding sustainability, which is expected to be launched in the first half of 2012 with the key objective of making a set of measurements available, useful both for sustainability reporting and the Group’s in-house management-related and strategic processes on a six-month basis.

After having received the monitoring forms, the Group’s individual Business Units fill them out, also including the specification of the activity and action plan that they intend to implement, in line with their respective geographical, social-cultural and legislative local contexts and as a function of the attainment of the targets envisaged in the Roadmap.

At the end of each year, a report on the performance and progress made will be disseminated, including an analysis of the strong points and improvement areas, which will allow the periodic updating of the objectives and the strategic areas, thus setting up a timeline towards innovation developed through involvement and participation of the entire organization.


Afuture Roadmap Timeline

Activity 2011  2012  2013  2014  2015 
Engagement   Shared discussion with corporate functions to define sustainability areas and targets        
  Roadmap launch        
Track  Launch of the monitoring phase (half-yearly)   2012-2015
& Actions
Definition of actions by the Business Units  2012-2015
 Integration of the sustainability KPIs in the budgeting process 2012-2015
Report   KPI consolidation     2013-2015
  Report for internal use     2013-2015
Group Intranet   2012-2015
  Corporate website   2012-2015
Update  Update of actions and targets   2012-2015