Prizes and Awards in 2011

The prizes and awards obtained in 2011 testify to the dynamic approach of a global company like Autogrill and its commitment on various fronts: from the creation of new concepts to the attention to the quality of products and services up to research in developing design restaurants. All these are elements of a successful path where attention to performance is always coupled with a drive towards innovation.

The French Legion of Honor

Gilberto Benetton, Chairman of Autogrill S.p.A. and Edizione S.r.l., received the decoration of Knight of the French Legion of Honor from Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic of France. This honor, one of the most important in the Republic of France, was conferred in an official ceremony at the Élysée Palace.

Tiepolo Award

Gilberto Benetton, chairman of Autogrill, and Antonio Vázquez, chairman of the Iberia airlines, received the 2011 Tiepolo Award, granted by the Italia n Chamber of Commerce for Spain and by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. The jury panel, composed of the journalists of the key Spanish communication media and Italia n communication media with correspondents in Spain, praised the path undertaken by the two Companies and their contribution to the promotion of the image of Spain and Italy.

Company Awards

Autogrill’s CEO, Gianmario Tondato, received the 2011 Company Awards Prize from Milano Finanza, which assigned four categories of prizes to the companies and prominent profiles of industry, trade and services who posted the best performances in 2011.

Excellence in Restaurant Design

HMSHost received a prize for excellence in restaurant design for the Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi concept at the Chicago airport and for Beaudevin at the Miami airport, from the American Society of Interior Designers. The two concepts were designed to provide travelers with a unique gastronomic experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

Schiphol Airport’s Top Awards

HMSHost Europe obtained the Innovation Prize from the Schiphol Airport for the genuine Dutch cuisine service offered, using only locally grown organic food. In addition, it obtained the “Friendliness” prize for providing travelers with welcoming and relaxing spaces. Both prizes are the result of market research carried out by an independent entity.

Best Specialist Channel

Aldeasa obtained the “Best Specialist Channel” prize, presented by the renowned magazine “Mercados del Vino y la Distribucion”, for having provided a substantial contribution to the development of the wine sector in Spain, giving it an international relevance in markets such as the United Kingdom. This prize was awarded thanks to the increased number of wine producers present in the assortment, with priority given to local and regional producers.

Supply Chain Team of the Year

The collaboration with Luxottica enabled World Duty Free to win the prize of “Team of the Year ”, a prize for the overall excellence of the standards used in the supply chain process. The team work, employees’ motivation and the collaboration with Luxottica were conclusive factors in the awarding of the prize.

FAB Awards 2011

Autogrill Group received two FAB Awards in 2011 for having pursued excellence and implemented best practices in the airport catering market.

The first of the two prizes was given for the Best Wine-Led Bar Offer category to the Beaudevin Wine & Tapas store located in the Brussels airport. The second, Best Design and Overall F&B facilities, was awarded for the combination of concepts in the Schiphol airport for their variety, accessibility, design innovation and offering.

Best Airport & Concessionaire Awards 2011

HMSHost received three important prizes in 2011 at the Best Airport & Concessionaire Awards, organized by the US sector Airport Revenue News magazine. The company received acknowledgements as “Best Food & Beverage Operator”, “Best store design” for the Todd English’s Bonfire restaurant at Terminal B of the Boston airport and “Food operator with the best customer service”.



Sustainability rating
Autogrill is periodically subject to a series of evaluation procedures performed by international sustainability rating agencies (EIRIS, Vigeò, Accountability Rating, RiskMetrixs).

As a result of low market capitalization, which is calculated by multiplying the
number of shares issued by their unit price, some sustainability rating agencies do not take the Group into account, excluding it from their annual valuation, and this is the reason why Autogrill stock is not included in the baskets of the major international ethical indexes. Ethical indexes are frequently used as a reference for
investments by the ethical funds that invest in companies whose objectives, in addition to optimizing market value, also include protection of environmental, social and human capital.