Steps in the development of sustainability at Autogrill

1. Reporting (2005-2006)

The drafting of the first Sustainability Report provided the organization with a key to sustainability. This first report laid the foundations of an approach oriented towards compliance with all the different cultures present in the countries in which the Group operates, which led to a steady and constant growth in awareness about sustainability issues.

2. The laboratory (2007-2009)

An important phase which represented a driving force for the introduction of CSR in Autogrill. An international laboratory of innovative ideas and projects — mainly in the environmental segment — designed to inform and involve employees operating in locations the world over.

3. The vision (2010-2011)

The previous evolutionary steps were indispensable to consolidating the Group’s readiness to define a clear strategic orientation and share the sustainability objectives to pursue together with the corporate functions.

4. The Roadmap (2012-2015)

At the end of November 2011 the Autogrill Group Sustainability Roadmap was officially launched.