2011 objectives: all that we have done and continue to do

The crossing from 2011 to 2012 is a turning point where sustainability becomes concrete: People, Product, Planet — the three areas included in Afuture — are the areas of intervention on which the performance objectives of Autogrill Group are focused.


Objectives declared for 2011
Projects and results obtained in 2011
GHRP adoption by Aldeasa S.A. and Autogrill Spain. To extend the testing phase to other countries as well. Expansion of the system to Aldeasa and Autogrill Spain. See the “People” section.
Ongoing commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, by further decreasing the number of accidents at the Group level through prevention and training actions as well as the implementation of new technology and tools. Ongoing monitoring of accidents in all the countries in which the Group operates.
See the “People/ Employees” section.
Initiatives aimed at monitoring employees’ needs to fine-tune training programs and career tracks inside the organization, work/private life balance, etc. World Duty Free Group and Autogrill Spain carried out an employee satisfaction survey. See the “People/ Employees” section.
To continue implementing corporate welfare support activities. Four action areas were identified: health and well- being; work/ private life balance; saving and attention to employees’ specific needs. See the
“People/ Employees” section.
To continue the updating of the Afuture section and the Go Green column on the intranet network. The monthly meetings scheduled with Go Green continued: a column designed to disseminate good practices for the responsible use of paper, water and energy, simple concrete actions that any employee can put into practice day after day, an additional effort to further disseminate Autogrill Sustainability Roadmap. See the “People/ Employees” section.
To extend the customer satisfaction survey to the Travel Retail segment and in North America in the Food & Beverage segment. Nel 2011 "Feel Good?", il programma di customer satisfaction di Autogrill, ha coinvolto anche gli Stati Uniti e il settore Travel Retail con una ricerca quantitativa. Si veda sezione People/Consumatori. 
To continue supporting clinical research projects activities on behalf of children and communities in the countries in which the Group operates. Support to local associations and communities operating in the same regions in which the Group operates through participation in projects of mutual interest. This includes projects like the Children’s Miracle Network in America, Telethon in France, Banco Alimentare in Italy, One Water in the United Kingdom, up to the Fundaciòn Iberoamericana Down21 in Spain. See the “People/Local Community” section.


Objectives declared for 2011 Projects and results obtained in 2011
To continue monitoring customer needs in the different travel channels in order to develop new concepts in response to emerging trends.
Customers have a variety of tools available to provide concrete feedback on the perception of the service: customer satisfaction surveys, toll free numbers and email contacts. In addition, there are well-structured market research studies aimed at capturing customer opinions. See the “People/ Customers” section.
To continue the expansion of new concepts and/or the commercial offer in other countries and/or business sectors based on market needs and feedback. For both business areas various solutions were designed and adopted to respond to the multiple requests made by customers according to an innovative approach at the core of which is the logic of a Concept Factory. See the “Product” section.


Objectives declared for 2011
Projects and results obtained in 2011
Attainment of the ISO14001 for Autogrill France. For the three new stores opened in France the decision was made to obtain the “EHQ” certification, based on the environmental evaluation of buildings, instead of the ISO14001 certification. See the “Planet” section.
To continue focusing on the collaboration with the main suppliers and commercial partners on service improvement, employee safety and reducing the carbon footprint. Ongoing involvement and promotion by Autogrill to increase supplier and brand partner awareness also in relation to environmental protection. See the “Planet” section.
Launch of the Villoresi project, the store extending over a surface of approx. 2,500 sq m, which is expected to become Autogrill’s eco-sustainable flagship store in Italy. Definition of the Villoresi project and beginning of the construction work.