2011 Sustainability Report

Letter to the Stakeholders

Despite the difficult economic scenario, Group performance in the past year was positive.

The complexity of the period served as a stimulus to enhance the Group approach towards sustainability, which is no longer considered as a “nice to have”, but as a driver that can further foster innovation and competitiveness.

This is also confirmed by the various initiatives developed in the past year and, in particular, those involving the employees — 62% women — who could benefit from a corporate welfare service portfolio, which the Group intends to extend to a progressively increasing number of its people.

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Strategic areas for sustainability and improvement objectives (2012-2015)

  • People connected
  • Product innovation
  • Planet durability


- 5% reduction in accidents



- Packaging re-design with a

sustainable approach
- 5% cost reduction



- 10% power consumption reduction on the network (comparable PoS)
- 30% power consumption reduction in the new stores
- LEED certification for at least 30 new stores



- 10% water consumption reduction on the network (comparable PoS)
- 30% water consumptions reduction in the new stores


We want to take care of our employees to create value for customers and the local community

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We want to think in an innovative way and offer quality products and services to customers, so that they will enjoy and remember their experience in our points of sale

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We want to protect the environment by involving our brand partners, suppliers and the local community

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Bilancio CSR