Gilberto Benetton

Chairman’s message

Dear Shareholders,
2011 was characterised by ongoing economic difficulties: recession in OECD countries, slower growth in emerging economies and a weakening of global demand.
In this context, Autogrill posted income and financial results that improved on the previous year, despite a
marked contraction in traffic and inflationary pressure on energy and raw material costs of food.

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Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos

Letter to the Stakeholders

Despite the difficult economic scenario, Group performance in the past year was positive.

The complexity of the period served as a stimulus to enhance the Group approach towards sustainability, which is no longer considered as a “nice to have”, but as a driver that can further foster innovation and competitiveness.

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Ricavi +4,0% - Ebitda +3,8%
Ebit +21,8% - Employees 62.000
50 communities